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Fluoropolymer Tubing


Fluoropolymer tubes offer outstanding chemical, heat, and weather resistance. They are used for fluid transfer in a wide range of fields, such as electronics including semiconductors and liquid crystals, medical and food fields, and fine chemicals.

Product Code Product Name Description Application Data Sheet
Tombo No. 9003 NAFLON™ tube PTFE, PFA, FEP Basic     N/A
Tombo No. 9003-PFA-HG NAFLON™ PFA-HG tube Chemical transportation Semiconductor     N/A
Tombo No. 9003-BT    NAFLON™ BT + Bend without buckle
+ More transparent than normal PTFE Tubing
Industrial     N/A
TomboNo. 9003-PFA-NE  NAFLON™ PFA-NE tube Outside surface conductivity Semiconductor     N/A
Tombo No. 9003-PFA-AS      NAFLON™ PFA-AS tube Inside and outside surface conductivity Semiconductor N/A
Tombo No. 9003-RPL NAFLON™ RPL tube Flexible, small bend radius Industrial N/A
Tombo No. 9055 NAFLON™ Bent tube PFA, PTFE preformed shapes Semiconductor     N/A
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