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  • Welcome to Nichias Viet Nam!
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NICHIAS is active in Insulation and Protection Technologies that consist of six core elemental technologies: Sealing, Thermal insulation, Soundproofing, Fire-resistance, Anti-corrosion, and Clean technologies.

Sealing technologies NICHIAS supplies gaskets, packings and other sealing materials to prevent leaks of fluid from pipe joints in plants and factories of all types
Thermal insulation technologies By deploying our thermal insulation technologies, NICHIAS is contributing to energy conservation and the reduction of CO2 emissions
Soundproofing technologies By reducing noise from factories and vehicle engines, as well as vibrations from vehicle brakes, NICHIAS contributes to creating quite and comfortable environments
Fire-resistant technologies NICHIAS fire-resistant technologies shut out the high heat that can damage structures in industrial furnaces, incinerators and buildings. These technologies prevent structural deterioration caused by fire and heat
Anti-corrosion technologies NICHIAS fluoropolymer products, born from NICHIAS original processing technologies and developed over many years, are supporting the preventing corrosion and contamination of products and processes
Clean technologies NICHIAS supplies products that protect cleanliness, particularly in the semiconductor industry where manufacturing processes require high levels of cleanliness


NICHIAS' five businesses, each involved in different markets, cover a wide range of industries including basic industry, medical, food & beverages, semiconductor and automobiles. Levering our Insulation and Protection technologies we have been expanding our areas of activity globally.

•    Industrial products 
NICHIAS offers a wide - ranging product line-up that includes gaskets, packing, fluoropolymer, insulation and filter products, primarily targeting equipment and machinery, environmental, food, beverage, medical, petrochemical and metal industries.
•    Advanced products
NICHIAS provides advanced components and materials related to semiconductor and FPD (flat-panel display) manufacturing equipment for handling heat, chemical solutions and gas and related process environments.
•    Autoparts
NICHIAS provides heat-proofing, soundproofing and vibration control-related products and technologies, including the sealing materials that form a functional component for preventing the leak of fluids and gases from sources such as cylinder head gaskets.
•    Building materials
NICHIAS provides building materials with non-combustible thermal insulating and fireproofing properties, as well as raised floors. The business contributes to the creation of safer and more comfortable spaces in many types including office buildings, residences, factories, and other facilities.
•    Energy & Industrial plants
NICHIAS offers comprehensive engineering services - from development, design to construction, maintenance - and products that include sealing, insulation and corrosion resistant materials for electrical power, liquid natural gas, petroleum refining, petrochemical and other plant equipment.

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