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  • Welcome to Nichias Viet Nam!
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Nichias Vietnam Co., Ltd - Nichias Vietnam Co., Ltd - a subsidiary of Nichias Corporation in Japan, specializing in INSULATION-PROTECTION materials in Vietnam through five main businesses: Industrial products, Advanced products, Autoparts, Building materials and Energy & Industrial plants

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TATSU - TAMOTSU" technologies for a bright future
NICHIAS Corporation was founded in 1896 as a pioneer in thermal insulation materials. For more than a century, NICHIAS has achieved growth by delivering products and services backed by its Insulation and Protection technologies to a broad range of industrial sectors. One such success story is our insulation made of rock wool. In 1938, we became the first in Japan to successfully mass produce this insulation, and since then our products have been used as an energy efficient material in a diverse array of fields, from factories to houses, thanks to approximately 80 years of continual innovation.
Insulation and Protection technologies consist of six core elemental technologies that include sealing, thermal insulation, soundproofing, fire-resistant, anti-corrosion as well as clean. These six technologies help protect our natural environment. For example, insulation technologies help reduce CO2 emissions and are energy efficient, while sealing technologies prevent environmental pollution.
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Over its 120 year history, NICHIAS has extended its business fields from the electric power industry to the petrochemical, automobile, construction, electronic, medical and environmental industries by building strong relationships with its customers, and as business partners by responding to their needs a broad line up of products and product solutions has resulted. Whilst thermal insulation materials has been a core product category for NICHIAS since it was founded in 1896, today NICHIAS is respected by its World Class customer base as a leader in the supply of fluoropolymer products, gaskets and packings, building products and in recent years filter technology.

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