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Stacking Lining Materials

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Tombo No. No. 6496  

CERASTUCK -    CERASTUCK is a board-shaped stack lining material with excellent heat resistance and workability
-    The thickness of the thermal insulation material can be set  according to the temperature of exhaust gas
-    Its two-layer structure can support high-temperature exhaust gas
-    Single layer = 350°C or less
Double layer = 650°C or less
-    Dimension: 35/50/70T x 1250Ư x 2500L (mm)
-    Weight: 55/78/109 kg/pce
It can be used for the exhaust of boilers for distributing hot water and heating as well as the exhaust of internal combustion engines of home power-generation facilities. Building construction
Boiler/ Piping
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