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High Performance Thermal Insulation Materials

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This is low thermal conductivity heat-insulation materials exhibiting high performance, thus saving energy and space for equipment.
They can be used in wide-ranging fields, such as industrial furnaces, combustors, and fuel cells

Product Code Product Name Description Application Industry

Tombo No. 4350

-H/ -GH    

ROSLIM™ Board - Excellent thermal insulation performance 
- Excellent handling and workability without the need for special tools
- Maximum service temperature: 1000 °C    

Insulation for:

- Industrial furnaces (backup material)
- Combustion equipment
- Melting holding furnace

- Electronics
- Semiconductors & Flat Panel Displays (FPD)
- Electronic Components
- Carbon Neutrality and Decarbonization
- Industrial-Use Insulation
- Energy Saving Proposals
- Various Plant Facilities
- Industrial Furnaces (Electric Furnaces/Combustion Furnaces)
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