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Interesting experience with traditional making art glasses


We visited Vietnam Glass Craft Production Co., Ltd on a spring day in March 2023. This is our customer of insulation materials such as RF Board and Fineflex Bio Cast. They use Nichias products for high temperature furnace to save energy, resist fire and reduce CO2 emission.

Though It is a factory, we found the space very peaceful. In addition to the production area, there are a Bungalow , a Koi fish pond, and green trees that are very close to nature. We received a warm welcome from the factory director and employees. 

At the production area, we saw the skillful workers get the hot liquid glasses from furnace, blow and use manual instrument such as blow tube, knife, scissor, etc to create the dishes, bowls, glass cups, wine cups, flower vases and a lot of décor furnitures. They don’t use the industrial chain machine in production. They guided us how to blow, how to shape a glass cup and vase. Under their instruction, we could create the products by ourself. When we received the glass products made by ourselves, we are very happy.

We are proud that Nichias insulation and protection technology contribute to make the unique and high-quality products of Vietnam Glass Craft Production Co., Ltd.

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