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Naflon hose

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NAFLON hoses consist of a NAFLON inner hose made of an excellent heat- and chemical-resistant fluoropolymer. These products can be further modified to meet the requirements of particular applications by reinforcing the outside of the tube with protective stainless steel wire braiding and fitting designated metal or flared connections. The main applications are joints in piping systems for steam, oil (especially nonflammable oil), gases, chemicals and foods.

Product Code Product Name Description Application Data Sheet
Tombo No. 9065/9066/9067/9068 Fluoropolymer hose PTFE, PFA
NAFLON tube inside
Excellent heat- and chemical-resistant
Chemistry & Petrochemistry
Oil Refining & Petrochemistry
Various Plant Facilities
Suitable for a pipe joint for steam, oil (particularly non-flammable oils), various gases, chemical solutions, and foodstuff
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