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Spiral Wound Gasket for Ultra high-temperature use, up to 1000˚ C and Pressure up to 43 MPa.


VORTEX ™ Gasket-NM is a spiral wound gasket using NM material developed by NICHIAS to overcome the chronical problem in sealability and weakness in oxidant resistance, respectively of vermiculite and graphite.

Exclusively to NICHIAS, VORTEX ™ Gasket-NM is a sealing solution for critical operation - high temperature and high pressure with flammable or toxic water/oil/gas medium for long useful time. Due to its unique structure, NM material solves these issues by extending its sealing lifetime and resisting to oxidization.


Product code Product Name Description Application
TOMBO™ No. 1838R-NM
VORTEX™ GASKET NM Filler: Nichias-Mica filler Max Temperature : up to 1000 ˚ C


Outstanding advantages of the product:
•    Serviceable high temperature up to 1000 ˚ C higher than customary spiral wound gaskets
•    Outstanding longer durability of superb sealing performance at high temperature than others 
•    Strong resistance to oxidizing substance
•    Successful test result for API 6FB, Third Edition
•    Maintains the leakage at near zero level for 400 hours at 1000 ˚ C. 

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GASKET RING (291X265X3.2T) 12 EACH 2 BODY GASKET FCV-87 (243 X 217.5 X 3.2) 10 EACH

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