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Rotating Equipment

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The packings for rotating equipment prevent leakage from the shaft portion of rotating equipment, such as pumps and agitators.

Product Code Product Name Description Application Data Sheet
Tombo No. 9038 G-Flon Graphite filled PTFE yarn ~ 260°C N/A
Tombo No. 9033, 9034 NAFLON™ Fiber Packing-T 100% PTFE fiber ~ 260°C N/A
Tombo No. 9079 TOMBO No. 9079 Flexible cotton yarn + PTFE dispersion + special lubricant ~ 100°C N/A
Tombo No. 9040 Aramid Fiber Packing Polyamide fiber + PTFE dispersion ~ 260°C N/A
Tombo No. 
9040-W, 9040-WR 
NAFLON™ Carbon Fiber Carbon fiber yarn + PTFE dispersion ~ 300°C N/A
Tombo No. 9036 NAFLON™ Fiber Packing (Soft) PTFE fiber + PTFE dispersion and lubricant ~ 260°C  
Tombo No. 9039 Gylon     Carbonized PAN fiber + PTFE dispersion ~ 200°C N/A
Tombo No. 9077-L NAFLON™Carbon Fiber Packing - L     Carbon fiber + PTFE dispersion     ~ 260°C N/A
Tombo No. 2788-AF AL-METAL Packing - AF Crinkled aluminium foil + special lubricant + graphite ~ 550°C N/A
Tombo No. 9027 NAFLON PTFE Molded PTFE resin ~ 200°C N/A
Tombo No. 9042-OX NAFLON™ Fiber Packing-G (OX) Stretched + reinforced PTFE ~ 260°C N/A
Tombo No. 9042-S NAFLON™ Fiber Packing-G (S) Silicon based lubricant treated 9042-OX ~ 260°C N/A
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